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Resource & Vulnerability Identification

Resource mapping includes mapping the location of equipment, supplies, and ready licensed/trained personnel for mobilized response to incidents. In addition to mapping available resources, disparate or low- resource regions can be identified in advance to prepare for the future.

Stewardship of Resource Data

Data that contains resources for county, city, state, and even national data needs to be secured from potential intrusion or security threats. We work with certified entities (who provide cyber security for highly confidential government agencies) to both secure existing – stored and transmitted – data and we continue to develop solutions for all IoT devices integrated with our software.

Resource Tracking Software

We develop cyber-secure software that allows for communication of all real-time geo-referenced resources. Our software includes GPS and tagging/inventory technology that is equipped with meteorological data for determining best route of deployment to the incident location.

Education & Advocacy

We are constantly collaborating with communities and government officials to drive emergency response initiatives forward. With active cooperation from the technology industry, we’re able to provide real low-risk solutions that are directly in-line with the political roadmap.

Solving a national need…using technology that already exists.

We’re developing user-focused software solutions combining RFID technology, GPS, and mobile applications, hosted in the cloud.

  • RFID and Satellite Communications Center
  • LIVE GPS-based resource tracking
  • Cloud-hosted silos for secure data storage
  • Financed SaaS for emergency response contractors
emergency resources
emergency resource

A distributed model, for efficient delivery.

Central operators are able to determine which resource is closest, confirm driver availability, and confidently dispatch.

  • App for mobilizing “confirmed live” field personnel
  • Real-time traffic and meteorological data for best-route of deployment
  • Distributed and regional web-based request portals
  • Financed SaaS for emergency response contractors

extensive research and collaboration to deliver

a simple & reliable process

Identify and Label
Personnel, assets, and vehicles are stored and tracked via hybrid RFID and satellite solutions.
RFID + Secure Data
Locate and Respond
Centralized operators can confirm both personnel and ready-resources and assign those based on proximity to the incident.
Integrated Response and Confirmation
Track and Deliver
GPS tracks resources and updates real-time details with respect to fastest route to the location, making both operator and response personnel aware of weather and traffic information.
Real-time GPS Monitoring

domain-experts from data traffic engineer to the U.S. Department of Transportation

technology reviews

  • In an emergency response application, a tow truck or EMS/fire engine vehicle is only considered an active available resource when the driver AND vehicle are both available at the same time…Your process ensures that both are paired at the time of request.

    Yi-Chang Chiu, Ph.D.
    Yi-Chang Chiu, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Arizona
  • Ensuring that the proper equipment and personnel are located, notified, and present on scene when they are needed is critical to saving lives and minimizing traffic congestion.

    Kevin N. Balke, Ph.D., P.E.
    Kevin N. Balke, Ph.D., P.E. Research Engineer, Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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We actively look for partners in both private and government sectors to help us research, develop, and deploy new tools for emergency resource managment. We also keep open lines of communication with first responders, the families and members of various local and national communities, and online communities where engagement is happening constantly.


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